Wake Up With Confidence

Wake Up With Confidence

Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear - It can take effort to build up, but totally possible with the right mindset. From the second your eyes peel open in the morning, your inner voice immediately sets the tone for the ENTIRE day-so pay close attention to your early am thoughts.

Always set goals and intentions - make a to do list the night before you go to bed - write down your daily tasks, and one positive thing on that same piece of paper.  It can be a positive quote or something nice about yourself. Set the alarm, wake up with out hitting snooze(ok, well you can hit it a few times ;), make your bed, throw on a pot of coffee and get to your tasks for the day.  Putting your goals into ACTION gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment each day and keeps your day on point.

Be PROUD of the small changes and small wins you're making day in and day out whether it be with your health and fitness,relationships, or anything else important to you in your life. 

Don't get sucked into the “societal norms” or compare yourselves to others-  Its all perspective… enjoy the ride.. go to the beat of your own drum, you're on YOUR journey which is a fu**ing phenomenal one so enjoy every second ! You only live once- choose how you want to live, and make a difference***

OWN it- stop caring what others think-  it truly doesn't matter. Be yourself, OWN and LOVE your body, every part of it; embrace it, be proud of what its capable of and focus on strengthening it every.single.day.


Meg Fox

meg fox