My top tips to get back on the bandwagon after a long food ( and alcohol ) filled weekend !!

*Go grocery shopping... this is HUGE !!!!!! Starting the week off with the good food options after a bender of a weekend is crucial. Pack your fridge with ONLY healthy food..If you have lots of unhealthy pies or cookies left from thanksgiving, give them away or toss them.

*Up the water in take.. HYDRATE !!!!!!!!!  Staying fully hydrated will help your body release the extra water weight its holding onto.... Your skin will also thank you ( bonus! ) 

*Be "On-the-go ready" - chop up healthy fruits and veggies so they are ready to grab on the go.. I also love mini trail mix packs ( I get them from trader joes .. they are portioned out nicely) I also love the RX bars ... good to keep in your bag so if you are starving while you are out you have something to eat so you wont go off the rails by stopping for something unhealthy.

*Do NOT miss your Monday workout...Mondays SET the tone for the week.. Get your mindset right, schedule you workout in, and be prepared with healthy whole food choices,  and you will have no problem bouncing back from the holiday... Lets CRUSH IT !



Photo cred: Food network

meg fox