SICK workouts !

TIS THE SEASON... of sore throats and runny noses -  NOT cute ! Should you be working out while fighting an illness? A recent study sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine says that exercising moderately while you have a common cold doesn't affect the severity or duration of the symptoms.  I am a firm believer of “listening to your body” ..Sometimes rest will do your body more good than getting in that workout..


If you're truly feeling really run down and really weak, REST is the BEST option…If you are feeling up for it and want to get a workout in, doing a light workout at home or a light yoga class is a great option. Your cold doesn't need to completely knock you off your game and routine… Moral of the story, you know your body, be kind to it and listen to what it needs ! If you are going to miss getting in the physical activity make sure your clean eating is on point; This will keep your waistline in check and help you kick your illness to the curb quickly..processed fake food will not help the cause !


Some extra tips to get you through sick times: 

*Sip on green tea w lemon and honey

*Juice- whenever I am feeling sick or run down i flood my body with as many nutrients as I can.  Adding in a daily juice really helps me get in all that green goodness. I always add ginger and garlic to the juice when I'm sick. 

*My gallon concoction -  Drink a gallon of water a day.. This is always my go to even when I am not sick. The only extra add in during sick times is an airborne tablet.. Recipe below:

    -1 gallon of water

    -pure cran juice (1/4 cup approx)

    -cut up lemons

    -dandelion root tea bag ( helps bloat -  natural diuretic) 

    -airborne tablet

     *drink throughout the day*


*OJ to get that fresh vitamin C boost ( freshly squeezed, not the fake crap) 



Stay healthy,



photo cred : law donut UK

meg fox