Mindset - Health & Fitness

Mindset - When I started thinking about health and fitness differently thats when i started seeing my best results.  When i say best results i mean i feel amazing, energized and confident. Am i the smallest I’ve ever been or the pant size i use to be when i was 21… the answer is No.. When i stopped obsessing over being “skinny”  and the number on the scale and shift my focus to being strong and healthy on the inside thats when it all changed for me…

I wanted in for different reasons.. overall health!  I eat more vegetables because i know my body needs and appreciates them, not just to be skinny. I work out to be as strong as i can be inside and out. , not just to burn calories.  

When you have this mindset shift everything clicks and this lifestyle change will be something that you will want to stick with. Building strong bodies to live a long healthy life is important.  We are not getting any younger.. You should be choosing this lifestyle because of its benefits to your body not just because of “vanity” reasons.  

When you create these new habits to build a stronger you, the “good stuff” follows right behind. I choose this lifestyle to feel strong. I workout and eat great to fuel my body to get through the day and through this crazy life.  I choose health to be my best self.  I workout because i want to live a long fulfilled life filled with crazy fun adventures.  I want to be as healthy as possible for myself and for my loved ones.  Know your “why” of your fitness goals and I promise you these fitness goals will no longer feel like a burden..instead they will excite you and enhance your life more than you’ve ever imagined! Whats your WHY ?