The Importance of Being Prepared

"Fail to prepare and prepare to fail"... 

If you are embarking on a new fitness journey or just want to improve your overall health it is very important to set yourself up for success.  Eating clean is crucial for seeing insane results. If insane results are what you're looking for food prep should become your new BFF.  Food prep sounds like a super lame Sunday but it does not take long and can be really fun.. grab a fitness buddy, blast some music, cook some great food and toss it in some tupperware containers.  We all know what happens when we do not have healthy options laying around.  Trust me i know hanger ( anger form hunger) more than anyone lol.. If I am unprepared, I will pull a quick turn into the Mcdonalds parking lot.. anything to get food in my system.  I know.. gross right.  Yes i am a trainer and yes i just said McDonalds... horrible !!!!  Food prep is crucial for my lifestyle and should become a staple in yours as well.  I usually prep about 3 days of food at a time on a Sunday and will do the rest mid week to keep everything fresh and tasty. A tip i have also noticed really helps is taking all of your fruit and vegetables out of their containers and cutting them up.. i do not know why but think of how many strawberries you end up wasting if they are not cut up.. Whenever i cut my fruit and veg up i do not waste anything and its always there for me to grab for my oats, smoothies, or to take a handful and run out the door.  Give it a try this week !  Lets go into this next week kicking ass !