Stress Eating

OK ladies, 

I was just talking to one of my bride to be clients about how to control stress eating during the last few weeks of crazy wedding prep, and I decided I really wanted to write about it as stress eating is something we all experience more than we would like!

So you work your butt off for months to feel amazing and get your fitness on point - then as you feel your exciting event approaching all you want to do is eat ALL the cake and skip the workouts.  Why does this happen ?!  When we get super stressed, our adrenal glands release cortisol which results in an increased appetite, and unfortunately we don't run towards the carrots and lettuce.

What I suggest during stressful times:

1) KEEP YOUR ROUTINE GOING .. no matter what… No matter how stressed, how exhausted, get some type of workout in… have you noticed when you don't workout it makes you want to eat crap? Or if your eating like crap it makes you want to rot in sweatpants and not move off the couch? .. weird right.. you'd think if you ate a pint of ice cream and serval bags of chips you'd want to go torch off the junk food.. but unfortunately thats not how it works for most people, including myself.  When I'm eating clean, my gym routine is on point, and when I fall off the band wagon, I fall OFF the bandwagon.. which in turn can create more stress, and have you feeling sluggish, down and unmotivated.   

2) GET PLENTY OF SLEEP - being exhausted sky rockets stress - get your zzzz’s in !

3) DRINK A GALLON OF H20 A DAY - staying hydrated is key

4) SWAP THE WINE OUT FOR TEA - we all love a good “wine down”, but the sugar can lead to more cravings.. and lets face it, hangovers will never take the stress away ;) 

5) HOT WATER W/ LEMON - 1st thing in the am have a cup of hot water w lemon - so many benefits such as weight loss, digestion, cleanses the liver, boosts brain function, the list goes on..

6) TREAT YO SELF - not to a couple of donuts or some ice-cream, but to something you can do, or a place you can go - your happy place…do something for YOU.. I like to go the a hot yoga class or get a pedicure.. something where I can shut my brain off, put stress aside and just breathe! 


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