Feeling Bloated?

Lets face it, feeling bloated is super uncomfortable and can leave you feeling self conscious and just plain awful.  

We have all been there.  Fall off the band wagon for a bit and you can feel the discomfort throughout your entire body, especially your stomach.


Here are my top tips to help get rid of the bloat :

1)Hydrate-drink water- lots of it !!!You must hydrate to get rid of water weight !! If you are not properly hydrated your body will hold onto every bit of water (water retention) I aim for a gallon a day and will occasionally add a cup of dandelion root tea to my gallon.

Dandelion root has so many health benefits:

*aids in digestion 

*cleanses liver/kidneys

*rich in antioxidants

*boosts immune function

*rids body of excess water 

*reduces inflammation

the list goes on..

I love dandelion root tea, and swear by it !!!

2)Eat all natural whole foods- nothing processed.

If you are eating something out of a package or a box notice the sodium content… Sodium will leave your body puffy and full of water. 

3)Kick all sodas and fizzy drinks to the curb.. 

Water only !

4)Watch portions- don’t over eat.

5)Limit alcohol - I know, this is a tough one, but we've all seen “beer guts” and they’re not cute ;)


Meg Fox 

meg fox