Its time to blow the BS whistle

How many times do you say to yourself.. “starting tomorrow, starting monday, starting next week, starting the 1st of the month?"

How many times do you sign up for a program and don't follow through; or buy a gym membership and never use it ?

Now think of the things you do follow through with.  I am sure a lot of them are very important,  as is health and fitness. 

Make today day 1, your fresh start !  It doesn’t need to be a monday, or the 1st of the month.. Choose NOW to make the commitment to yourself and your family to make health a priority.. You will be so happy you did.

Health and fitness can tend to take a back seat when life gets busy.  I hear ya, it happens to me on happens to all of us.  The truth is there is time, and it is worth it. Once you lose your excuses, you'll find your results.. and that is a fact! Schedule your workouts like any other important meeting you may have and check it off.. BOOM ! 

We live one life, we are given one body.  Take care of it.  I know life gets busy, but you can keep the health going. If for some reason you do miss a workout, make sure you're killing the nutrition and hydrating with water.  Don't have that "all or nothing" outlook.  Respect your self and body enough to take care of it.. Do it for you, do it for your partner, do it for your kids.  Whatever your motivation may be, keep that motivation in your head the next time you want to kick your health to the side for extended periods of time. Taking care of yourself is sexy AF and crucial for a happy healthy life; mentally, emotionally, and physically !!!


Lets get it done !

Meg Fox Fitness

meg fox