Keep Cozy and Lose Weight

If you're from New England, you’re no stranger to the frigid cold bite in the air during the winter months. If you're anything like me, I struggle when the temp drops lower than 80 degrees…. literally! For some reason, even though I was born and raised in Boston, I’ve never been able to adapt to the cold weather. I thrive in the warm weather.. my motivation, my energy, and my mood all live for the warmth and sunshine!

Beyond the numb tingly toes and ice cold hands, there are some great pleasures that come with the cold, dark weather. Putting on sweatpants, drinking a cup of hot coca (or cracking a beer), and curling up with a blanket and Netlflix are a few of my favorite things; the ultimate coze-fest !In fact, the Danish have a term to define the ultimate coze fest, they call it Hygge (pronounced “Heu-guh”). Spending time with family and friends, drinking fine wines and eating great food by the fire with warm furry socks is the perfect dose of Hygge!

Let’s get back on track… being big into fitness and feeling my best when I’m on my fitness A game, winters can be tough for me. Motivation is not sky high when its pitch black at 4 pm and I can see my breath at all times.. but guess what…motivation is crap sometimes. You will not feel like getting your “fitness on” some times and you will want to skip the workouts and eat comfort foods until your hearts content.  

My tip to beat the slump is to TREAT YO’SELF! Yes you heard that right I said treat yourself…..but ONLY if you've gotten the workout in.. like a REWARD… still enjoy those winter pleasures, after all it’s what gets us through the dark cold times. Make a pact with yourself…Ok, i can have that gourmet cup of hot coca with marshmallows ONLY if I complete my workout .. just get it done, dont think about it.. just DO it !

When all is said and done if you skip all your workouts and eat like crap all winter,  it truly will make you feel worse and the dark cold winters will feel even darker and your energy will start to plunge. It is crucial to keep the momentum going year round, so you're not always starting over on your fitness journey. In home workouts are also a great idea during the winter months.. stay warm, get it done quickly, and no excuses for not getting to the gym.. not even the snow !! Now go workout and have a cup of hot cocoa with some marshmallows. Stay warm!

meg foxMeg Fox Fitness