Scales are assholes !

Don’t obsess over scales… they’re assholes !!!

If you are on a fitness journey, please do not track your progress solely by the number on the scale.

Heres why…

If you are working out and strength training,  you are replacing fat with muscle - muscle weighs more than fat.  I have had clients completely transform and the scale did’nt move crazy amounts. It was more about converting fat to lean muscle- which makes you appear much more fit (which you are) !

I see so many people get discouraged with how much work they’ve put in at the gym and in the kitchen and the scales not moving as quickly as they’d like. This can lead to throwing in the towel..and thinking “whats the point.” This is why its crucial to understand how the body works and know that scales can be crazy bitches ;) .. so just keep pushing and do it for your health !!! 

You can get on the scale one day and be down 5 and hop on a few days later and be up 5 (annoying right ? ) .  Scales can be extremely discouraging and the human body fluctuates for many different reasons.  You may be holding onto water weight.. hormones play a big part as well…menstrual cycles, the list goes on and on… What you ate the night before, did you go to the bathroom yet ( sorry guys) but its true.  To be upset over a few pounds is just a waste of energy.  

**Don’t get me wrong, if you’re pounding junk food and completely off your workout routine and putting on a lot of weight, then a scale can be a nudge to get back on the bandwagon and make your health a priority. 

If you are working out religiously and eating clean, take the weigh ins with a grain of salt.  Maybe you upped the weight you’re lifting, maybe you did a few more squats than normal - you’re just a badass putting on some more muscle !! 

Scales are not the end all be all with tracking progress.  It is very important to track your health and fitness goals a few different ways. 

1)HOW YOU FEEL - after all this is more important than a number on a scale

2)MEASURE -  measuring with a measuring tape is a great tool to track inches lost or gained depending on your goals.   

3)PHOTOS -  before and after photos can look crazy different with not much change on the scale.

4)BODY FAT - body fat percentage is a great way of tracking your progress - its best to see a fitness professional to make sure you're measuring accurately.  

5)SCALE - i use this is a weekly accountability tool but don’t take the number too serious as I’ve been up on the scale when feeling my best.   

meg fox