Ditch Perfect

IT WONT BE PERFECT.. and thats okay ! 
When you go into a health and fitness plan and you're like... "ok i got this... I'm not going to cheat once, Im going to do every single thing perfect and by the book .... 
Thats cool and all, but what happens with this concept is we get so caught up in being an "extremist" and "perfect" that if we "screw up" ( fall off the meal plan, miss a workout etc) its an easy out!!!!!! Your brain will say "fuck it" ...I ruined everything might as well throw in the towel and quit... ITS NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT...something will come up, you'll miss the gym, you'll eat junk food.. and thats okay... finding balance is what we all strive for so go into it knowing you'll have good days, bad days, its all part of the process.. Having structure is HUGE, but being able to adapt and move on from the bad days is where its at !!! The people who grasp this idea are the ones who will be successful in any program and keep it up long term..Just do your best ..

meg fox