You want to get in shape? Heres how...

Do you want to get in shape? 
Here’s how you do it!

You need to want IT... not like half ass want it, but REALLY want it!!!

You need to know YOU CAN DO IT, and that it IS POSSIBLE!

You need to DROP ALL EXCUSES... enough is enough - it’s time to feel your BEST!!

Get a GOOD PLAN in place that works for YOU!!!

Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE people who believe in you and want to help/see you succeed!!!

Do NOT wait for the perfect time to start.....there will ALWAYS be events and things to attend.. There is no going around that, so start NOW!!!!!

ACKNOWLEDGE when you need HELP and GUIDANCE... example...I don’t do my own taxes, that’s not what I do or what I specialize in, so I get help 😉

Have someone to hold you ACCOUNTABLE... a friend, a trainer, your spouse....whatever.. just BUDDY UP.. It’s more fun that way anyways 😉

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD....just START....get momentum going!!!! Remember all you need to do is keep going until you feel a change....once you feel a change you won’t want to stop !!!

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to others --- Start talking NICELY to yourself, MAKE HEALTHIER CHOICES and have a god damn BLAST because life’s too short not to!!!!

Can I get an AMEN!!?

meg fox