all in-all out

Lets talk shop…

I wanna talk about the “all in/all out” thing ya got going on.

I know you’ve been on this fitness rollercoaster for far too long and I know you have to be sick of constantly starting over…You’re either eating kale 24/7 and crushing hrs on end of cardio…orrrr depriving yourself of all physical activity and eating bowl after bowl of Mac and cheese (ah I could really go for a bowl of Mac right now 😉)

I get it.. Ive been there…!!!!

The truth is working out and fueling your body with nutritious goodness can truly make you feel on top of the world… So ditching these completely for months on end is just a massive disservice to your physical, mental and emotional health..

You SO deserve those feel good endorphins and sky high energy!!!

There IS a way to make health and fitness a part of your life consistently, so you can finally get off this seesaw you’ve been on……

Balance- with food...90/10 rule.

Eat good fuel 90% of the time, treat yo self the other 10% guilt free…. Remember there is no such thing as ”messing up” when you’re making an attempt to take care of yourself.. The sooner you can understand this the better..

Heres what I witness often….People will have a junk filled weekend and then beat themselves up and say “F*ck it, I screwed up, I failed .. whats the point” - this leads to throwing in the towel completely!!!! Stop beating yourself up…celebrate your small wins and pat yourself on the back every damn day.. treat your body good and ENJOY the treats guilt free..

Workouts…..Now.. to clear things up… Im not always skipping into the gym to workout… there are times that its actually the last thing I want to do… You’re not always going to want to work out, but no need to ditch the idea of treating your body good entirely!!!

Lets say you had a really brutal week and working out just isn’t in the cards for you.. Just DO something !!!!! Even if its pushups in between stirring the sauce. Its okay to miss a workout, its ok to have a half assed workout when you’re just not feeling it. Doing some type of movement will keep your head in the game, the momentum going and will keep you from going into your old rut and slipping into being on the “off train” AGAIN!!!!!

Don’t be “all in or “all out” All you need is little baby actions on your “FEELING OFF” days to keep your momentum going strong!!! You got this!!!! You can end the rollercoaster and be on a goal crushing path for life… Its up to you. #justmove

Having Balance and Compassion is the secret sauce for your long term fitness success!!!!!

If you’ve been on the seesaw before and agree with my wisdom bombs 😉 give me an “amen”

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meg fox