Congratulations to the 6 week Fox Fit challenge winner Jennifer ! 
Jennifer truly crushed it and honestly completely transformed her MIND, BODY and SOUL. Jennifer worked her butt off and made changes that she plans on continuing for life. I am extremely proud of you Jennifer as well as every single person in the challenge.. It was such a FUN group of amazing men and women.

What is a TRUE transformation ???
To me its not about being skinny or who looks best… its the inner transformation that happens …. I say it time and time again.. but Health and Fitness is not vanity… health and fitness is crucial for living your best life. Jennifer truly just adopted a new way of life that will create positive change in every aspect on her life moving forward!!!

Over the course of the 6 weeks challenge I received comments like “Meg, I am not afraid of food anymore” …..To hear this literally makes me want to jump for joy and shed a tear at the same time… There were several transformations that occurred during the last 6 weeks that are so much deeper than anyone can possibly see just by viewing a few photos. This challenge is about becoming your strongest YOU to live a life of quality and to feel amazing.. Having that internal “shift” where you start to become ecstatic about health and fitness and no longer look at it as a burden.. thats the exciting stuff !!!!! These are the things thats transform people and I am honored to be a part of it.

I am so proud of everyone, I know its not easy, but its worth it !!!! Thank you everyone for making this journey fun for all of us ! And again.. HUGE shout out to all of the challengers.. you’re the real MVPs !!♥ Team #Foxfit

Extremely nice words from challenge winner Jennifer:

Dear Meg, 
Thank you so much for all you have done to create change in my life. I don’t know if the changes are super dramatic on the outside but I know they are on the inside. This has been an internal journey for me. I have to admit that I struggled with the workouts and felt as though I wasn’t good enough or doing them as well as everyone else. But learning to be kind to myself and create lasting change became my goal in this challenge. I eat better than I ever have in my life now. Exercise in some form is now a part of my daily life. I actually find myself looking for ways to be more active each day. I still sit at a desk but now I walk to go chat with someone instead of an email or I walk up to the third floor and back down on my way for a cup of coffee. I munch on carrots and hummus and mandarin oranges all day. I am embarrassed to say it but I used to drink coffee most of the day, skip lunch and go home starving. I would be too tired to cook half the time and grab processed food for dinner. I now eat MORE than I ever have before and have found ways to make this a lifestyle. You taught me how to do this Meg and you have literally changed my life, my body and soul. I will be eternally grateful! Blessings always, 
Jenn Priest

meg fox