The joy of getting uncomfortable

The joy of getting uncomfortable.  

Say YES to every opportunity that comes your way. Without thinking about it say yes. Do not let the fear of the unknown and the feeling of discomfort steer you away from stepping out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there and try new things that will “ignite your fire” and amp up your life experiences. Will you feel that moment of discomfort after saying YES ? 100% …and thats the beauty of it.. Those butterflies that kick in signaling your body “holy shit” i just decided to do this.. thats what its about. No matter what it is.. a new job, starting a business, booking a crazy trip, going on a date, being more spontaneous, writing a book, starting a fitness program.. the list is endless..Whatever it is.. that “discomfort” to me is the best feeling in the world and thats means I’m doing something right..I chase that feeling. Take chances, take risks, put yourself out there.. nothing bad can come of it.. only good! This is not a dress rehearsal.. this life is real and you get one shot.. its never too late to kick it into high gear and do something thats going to excite the shit out of you!



meg fox