Is Stress Making You Fat ?

When focusing on your health and fitness goals, crushing your workouts isn’t the only thing you need to be tackling. Putting focus on how you’re dealing with every day stress is also super important - you need to get your “stress triggers” in check. You can be doing everything right in terms of nutrition and working out, but when the cortisol levels get triggered if can throw your body haywire and the scale can start to climb. Cortisol is the “stress hormone” - when cortisol levels are raised, insulin increases, which causes your blood sugar to drop, which leaves you craving all the bad stuff and keeps your body holding onto that unwanted extra weight.


It is super important to keep these stressors at bay, not only for weight loss but for good quality of life as well. Truly stop and think about what is causing your daily stress and think of ways to eliminate or lessen these stressors. I get it, we are all crazy busy and sometimes stress is unavoidable, but figuring out better ways to cope can be really helpful for feeling your absolute best and get you to your goals.


You know those “things” you truly enjoy and you feel yourself and at peace doing them, do MORE of those “things” . For me, when my stress is through the roof, yoga gets my mind’s an hour of no cell phone, peaceful music, and someone leading me through the practice so i don’t even need to think. Music ( acoustic covers) and a nice cup of green tea also chills me out almost immediately. Make time for yourself..Jobs, kids, family members … you’re always putting everything and everyone else first bc you’re a super hero.. however you can not pour from an empty cup so make sure to take care of yourself through all the chaos! Have a chilled out week!



meg fox