How to get out of a RUT and get your BEST SELF back...


I know I have...plenty of times.... 

I was thinking in the shower today (my fav spot to think) and I was thinking of the best ways to snap out of a rut and came up with a couple tips.  I wanted to share in hopes that it could be helpful to someone reading...  

1st off - If you’re in a rut, that sucks, I’m sorry.. I’ve been there - BUT on a POSITIVE note there is a quick way out - just takes a LITTLE bit of work. 

Here are the 2 things you need to do when trying to SNAP BACK into your best self and ditch “Debbie Downer” 

1) MINDSET – mindset is absolutely EVERYTHING...You need to get your mind right and turn it around by changing the way you’re thinking and the way you’re speaking to yourself. You need to WANT to get out of it, you need to know that you CAN get out of it, and know that you have more than what it takes to CRUSH YOUR GOALS.  The negative self- talk NEEDS to be swapped out immediately and the wording you’re using to talk about tasks you’re dreading should also be changed.. - Little tip:  switch the way you’re phrasing things ...ex.  “I feel like shit, I look like shit but can’t work out because I just can’t bring myself to do it so ill rot on the couch instead” … ------> “I’m pumped to work out today.. Pumped to get my energy levels back up and my health back so I can thrive...because I deserve that!!”  


2)MOMENTUM - when you’re in a RUT, a little momentum is all it takes - not saying it will be easy but all you need is a tiny bit of movement... You have to FORCE yourself to get up and move - just a few times …Don’t wait until you FEEL LIKE IT, because most likely when you’re in a RUT that feeling will be MIA... you won’t be excited to do it, and it may not be fun... but I promise if you can just force a tiny bit of movement you will feel better after a week or two, you’ll see results/feel results and then you won’t want to stop... *****YOU JUST NEED TO KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU FEEL A CHANGE, AND ONCE YOU FEEL A CHANGE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO STOP!  



meg fox