kick THIS to the curb... and find your results...

I got something for you to kick to the curb …. and it’ll help you a WHOLE lot....

You ready for it......... It’s the "I’m starting over” mentality …

I see you.... You stick to the “plan” by working out consistently and making better food choices.. Then BAM... you go on vacation or have friends in town and you LIVED YO BEST you should 😉!!

You go into the next Monday, feeling defeated and feel like you’re starting from scratch .....ground zero... you feel like you failed and like you “undid” all the good

Here’s the deal people..... If you learn the ditch this mentality, you’ll gain a lot of mental freedom and you’ll actually become more consistent and committed than ever before!!!

I often see this with people going through health and fitness plans.. They’ll be “all in” then have a “slip up” and think “shit I failed I got to start over”

There are 3 problems with this “starting over” mentality

1) you’re always down on yourself and think you’ve failed

2) you get exhausted from the constant thought of having to “start over”

3)you can get so fed up with “starting over” that you may just throw in the health towel all together and actually go the complete opp direction..... no bueno.

So next time your enjoying yourself on a fun filled weekend... instead of “starting over” on Monday just keep going !!!! all those healthy meals you ate prior to that weekend, and all those workouts you did are not wasted... at all !!!!!!

You can have your dream body and still enjoy yourself... what’s the point of getting the dream body if you can’t have fun in life.... It is possible to have BOTH!

Unleash the Badass is kicking off Monday … on top of the amazing fitness program, we will be diving in DEEP to all things MINDSET.. As well as the 6 other essentials needed for nailing your fitness lifestyle once and for all .. for the long term !!!!!

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I got your back always!


meg fox