Achieve Health and Fitness FREEDOM with these 3 things!

Raise your hand if you have been on a rollercoaster of a journey with your health and fitness? On the wagon, off the wagon, trying all kinds of fad diets...... just to feel deprived, confused and worse off than when you started; sometimes the weight comes back even more than when you started (devastating)...I get it... There is so much information out there.. It’s like... where do you begin and how can you finally be FREE from emotional torture and constant stress and on a healthy path.

The good news is.... there are ways to get clear and be FREE... there is a way to hit your goals without cutting an entire food group out or missing out on fun life events and parties because you’re nervous to “screw up” your plan. There is a way to break barriers, crush goals and achieve your dream body without feeling deprived and miserable.....I promise you!

The 3 steps to FREEDOM.. here we go!

1)KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is huge...The more you can learn the better..

Find someone who knows the ropes...

Learn how your body works, learn how to properly get in shape.. No more fad diets, no more quick fixes (we all know how those end) Learn as much as you can from someone who knows the deal.. Do Research! The more you know the better..

If you’re working with a trainer, ask as many questions as you a sponge!!

Knowing everything you can about fueling your body, exercise, and knowing how to adjust based on your goals is the game changer!!! No more guessing.. Learn the ways once and for all.

****Another thing I want to add under this is how important knowledge is when it comes to the SCALE!!!!!!! I see this all the time... people get really down and discouraged with the number on the scale.. If you are weight training, scales can NOT be the only way you’re tracking... I can get into it again right now on reasons why it cant be the only way you’re tracking, but I will leave that for another post!!

The short story is you NEED to know how the body works, how lean muscle works how blasting fat and gaining muscle can effect the scale.. The list goes on.. Learning and being aware that the scale changes by the second will help you stay focused and not let yourself get derailed by the number on the scale week to week.. Stressing about a couple pounds is literally a waste of your time....a cup of coffee will add .5 right off the bat. A gallon of water (which I always drink, weighs over 8 lbs) Not to mention the internal factors that can mess with the scale... any who.. Moving onto #2......

2)STRUCTURE: Structure is freedom!!! For me... I need a structured training regimen.. Its like brushing your teeth, you have to make it a routine! Having a structured routine (one that works obvs 😉 will get you to your body goals that much faster and you’ll feel fabulous! Following a plan will take a lot of stress off your plate.. There is nothing worse than walking into a gym aimlessly not knowing what to do or what’s going to help you achieve your goals! Tip: Get some structure into your week asap, lets go!!!

3)FUN! Have Fun... the sooner you can stop looking at fitness as a chore, the better!!! Find the fun in working out... this is where mindset comes in...Set goals, know your WHY..... There is nothing more fun than smashing through goals.. FACT!!!

The second part to this is have FUN.... Have fun with your fitness AND in life outside of the workouts and clean eating... Don’t beat yourself up if you have some treats and drinks with family and friends.. That’s what life is about.. Enjoy those moments.. When you’re following a structured plan and fueling your body with nutritious goodness 90% of the time, the other 10 is not a problem.. In fact its encouraged!!!!! You only live once...its a shame to not have a blast.. Its also a shame to not take care of your body. Now grab a buddy and get moving... because its FUN ….. if you choose to view it that way!!! ❤

When you allow yourself these moments, and stop the guilt dead in its tracks... you are fully in control and your fitness goals are going to become reality bc you will no longer let a fun day out w friends de rail you because you think you “messed up”...

Give me an amennnn if you agree!!!

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