This could be you!

Check out the results from some of my amazing clients:



Naomi has been with Fox Fit for a bit now and still going strong! Naomi is super busy with 2 gorgeous kiddos. The flexibility of the Fox Fit programs has been HUGE for her success.. She has been able to do workouts at the gym or in the comfort of her own home- which we all know is a game changer with our crazy busy schedules these days. Naomi is truly enjoying her healthy food choices and gets really creative in the kitchen!! Keep it up Naomi you look fab and I know you’re feeling stronger every day!



"12 weeks ago I hesitantly reached out to @megfoxfitness needing a serious life change! Being recently engaged, not only did I have a wedding to work towards but I had won a work trip to Hawaii! My schedule with work isn’t the most flexible so I needed something that could work around me. I also knew I would need to start making sacrifices, changes and start being selfish with my time and taking care of myself. After two days on the program I felt amazing and knew I could do this. 12 weeks later I am down 25 lbs and lost 9 inches alone in just my waist!



“I couldn’t of imagined the changes mentally physically and emotionally that could occur in 6 weeks!! Everything in this program is set up to make it successful in todays busy world!! Reminders through out the day, workouts at a touch of a button that counts down each set, meal plan app that calculates instantly and support from a whole community that uplifts and motivates who you are trying to become! I still talk about the 6 week challenge DAILY to everyone!!!! My husband will be doing the next challenge!!!!”              



HOLY RESULTS - Jennifer winner of January challenge - She won the $1000 prize !!!!

These results are from just 6 weeks of dedication !!!! Jennifer truly crushed it and honestly completely transformed mind body and soul. 

So proud of Jennifer - this is just the beginning of her health and fitness journey! She rocks!



“I reached out to meg because I was trying the diet thing before my wedding and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I bought a beautiful dress before I started working out and when I bought it I thought it was amazing but I just didn't feel like the bride I wanted to be in it. I was very self conscious of my arms and my back as those are two areas that are exposed in that dress. I didn't try my dress on during the transformation until the end and it fit amazing!”

“My biggest struggle in life has always been my weight. I always went up and down. I love food a lot and it has always been extremely difficult for me to stop eating. Now I have been in a structured routine it has definitely helped me for sure.” 

 The biggest thing I learned is that it's a lifestyle change not a diet. I feel so strong right now! I am doing workouts I never dreamed of doing!”



“Slowly, over the years, I began using “too busy” and being a business owner as an excuse for less clean eating and dropping my strength training routine. Meg’s 6 and 12 week program got me back on track because now I could workout from home and had accountability with the weekly trainer check-ins and photos. I can now go on autopilot and just commit- I know everyday I will do my workouts and I will eat clean.. living with 90/10 lifestyle still allows me to indulge without going off the rails completely. This program was everything I needed! Doesn’t take me too much time, easy to follow, and gets big results”!