"12 weeks ago I hesitantly reached out to @megfoxfitness needing a serious life change ! Being recently engaged,not only did I have a wedding to work towards but @mbau22 had won a work trip to Hawaii that was set for this June! I knew I need something and something ASAP! My schedule with work isn’t the most flexible so I needed something that could work around me. I also knew I would need to start to making sacrifices, changes and start being selfish with my time and taking care of myself. After two days on the program I felt amazing and knew I could do this. I put my mind in the right place and got to work ! 12 weeks later I am down 25lbs. and lost 9 inches alone in just my waist , not to mention lost inches everywhere . Hawaii is in less than 4 weeks away and I am ready to Aloha all over that island ! Thank you @megfoxfitness for pushing me and being real and providing me with an amazing program that is realistic . So excited for what’s to come because I am coming back for another 12!"