Unleash the badass

Rock your dream body, mind and soul!


Hey, you beautiful soul,

I See You

You need that friendly, badass push to get your spark back and finally hit your fitness goals. You’re feeling down and your confidence is nowhere near where it should be… let’s face it .. you are meant to shine bright like a diamond, rock your dream body and feel confident AF!!


You’re feeling like you’re in a rut with life and your motivation is at rock bottom…getting ready for a night out is beyond stressful because clothes feel tight and uncomfortable or you’re just unhappy with how you’re feeling about yourself in general.

Maybe you feel like you have tried everything under the sun and the results aren’t showing...paleo, keto, high carb, low carb, cardio for days, no cardio…the list goes on and there’s so much info out there it’s easy to feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. Maybe you found something that works for you but you haven’t been able to follow through long enough to actually see and feel a difference.


Now let's talk about excuses...


What crap are you repeatedly saying to yourself day in and day out that is stopping you from living your BEST life?

  • There’s not enough time in the day

  • I’m too tired

  • There’s too much to do

  • I feel awkward at the gym

  • I just showered

  • It’s too cold out / it’s too hot

  • No events are coming up so what’s the point? Or too many events are coming up so I don’t want to start yet because I’ll blow it anyways

  • I’m fun and like to drink and eat so I’ll never be fit

  • …the list goes on..


Girl, I get it,

and I have been there!

BUT you deserve to go through life kicking ass and feeling incredible about yourself..It’s time to kiss the excuses goodbye, and put a plan into action..


Its time to break the cycle!

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Envsion this:

  • You crush your fitness goals, and like a fine wine, get better with age

  • Having your dream body; and the feeling that comes with it…strong and proud

  • Having endless amounts of energy

  • Your confidence is beaming and showing in every aspect of your life

  • Feel like a bombshell every time you’re getting ready to go out.

  • You think differently -  fitness is part of your life, you enjoy it and no longer view it as a burden

    You’re always one decision away from a different life.

    All you need is the desire to change and commit to going ALL IN…I’m here to help you with a plan, motivation, support and encouragement to make sure you see it through and get the transformation you have been waiting for.  

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Hey guys!

My name is Meg Fox, the Transformation Expert.

Fitness has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.. From playing every sport under the sun, cheering for the best team in the NFL (New England Patriots) to dancing around the world on cruise ships.

The things I have learned along my journey and my experience in the fitness industry have been priceless.. It has been an honor getting to share my “stuff” with so many amazing people around the world..

I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them achieve jaw dropping transformations and pride myself on taking the transformation much further than just the physical change.  I have decided to take it a step further... I have come up with the ultimate experience that I am beyond excited to share with the world…Over time I realized there were very important pieces to the puzzle missing when it comes to health and fitness plans….which is why i created Unleash the Badass 12 week Mastermind... This will not only get your fitness in check, but the mindset shifts, confidence building,  and endless support will get you next level results!!!

I hope you’re ready because this 12 week intensive is about to blow your socks off!! This is everything you’ll want and need in a fitness program, and I am excited to share it with you.


My promise to you...

By the end of this program, you will not only crush your fitness goals, but you will feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and you will be unstoppable in all areas of life.

You deserve to feel your BEST so lets get to it!!

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Program Features:

  • 12 Week Training and Meal Guide

  • Training App for tracking workouts and progress

  • Fitness program with videos, pdfs, and all my tips diving in deep to all things health, fitness and mindset.

  • Small intimate group going through program at the same time - community support.

  • Weekly group coaching calls led by me personally.  I will be answering your questions, celebrating your wins, and helping you through all obstacles.


This is for you if you are truly ready to soar, invest in yourself and commit to taking care of yourself mind body soul.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do I need?

My fitness programs are made for all levels, I can help modify things for you when needed if you are just starting out!!

What equipment do I need?

2 sets of dumbbells … I can help advise you on this!

Do I need a gym membership?

No.. all workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home…so no excuse not to fit them in ;) If you prefer to be in the gym, that’s fine too !!!

How many days a week are the workouts, and how long are they ? Each phase of the program is different, but you should expect workouts to be scheduled 5 days a week...Time varies depending on what’s scheduled for that particular day -  Some days can be as short as 20-30 minutes, other days can be a bit longer with 2 mini workouts.. But they can be split up into 2 different times during your day..short and effective!

Is the food guide strict?

Meal guide is based off a whole food approach.. It’s a general guide that is set up for killer results.  It’s very flexible and easy to follow, even when you’re on the go and eating out!

How much weight will I lose?

Everyone is different.  We will be tracking progress multiple ways.. The scale is not the end all be all so it is important to have different tracking techniques.. Average weight loss has been about 20 pounds, with not feeling restricted.. Again, everyone is different. You could lose more, you could lose less.. Its more about body fat lost, and how clothes are fitting and how you’re feeling that is important

What if I need help during the program?

You can message me anytime and I will be hosting the live grouping coaching calls weekly to dive in deep to all your questions and help with anything and everything you need!



I know taking the leap to finally put yourself first can be intimidating.. i get it… but if you’re feeling ready for a change and truly wanting a change time to put on the big girl panties and lets get after it!!!.. I have your back.. its time to get YOUR BEST SELF back.. its time to feel strong and confident… Time to unleash the badass and surface YOUR greatest potential!!!